Parametric studies on synthesis of Di-benzyl sulfide using H2S and Aliquat-336

Khan, Alisher (2013) Parametric studies on synthesis of Di-benzyl sulfide using H2S and Aliquat-336. BTech thesis.



The Crude oil contains a little percentage of sulfur in it with some composition. Removal of sulfur from crude is an essential purpose because sulfur can corrode the system and may lead to unwanted side reactions, which is a cause of reactants and energy consumption. Sour crude oil which is h high sulfur contents is being forced to process in oil refineries. In refineries, sulfur is removed by absorption in ammonia solution which is further processed in the “Claus Unit” to get elemental sulfur from H2S. Claus process of producing elemental sulfur is a highly energy expensive process. And outside supply demand of elemental sulfur is not so high thereby eroding the profit-margins. With a view to making more sophisticated fine chemicals which have higher usability and better market value, this project was undertaken to study parameters on synthesis of Di-benzyl sulfide using hydrogen sulfide and Aliquat-336. The objective of this work is to maximize the Di-benzyl sulfide conversion from hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which need to maximize the conversion of benzyl chloride. In this work the benzyl chloride has been used along with toluene as a solvent. H2S rich MEA is used as a reactant in this project. The MEA and benzyl chloride are two different phases and normally their reaction is very difficult. So to carry out this reaction a phase transfer catalyst Aliquat-336 is used so that these two immiscible reactants can react. Phase transfer catalyst is useful primarily for performing reaction between anions and neutral compound from the aqueous or solid phase into the organic reaction phase where the anion or neutral compound can freely react with the organic reactant already located in the organic phase. Phase transfer catalyst is not likely to be involved in the manufacture of large tonnage heavy organic chemicals but is an unusual an elegant catalytic technique that is energy sparing and gives high yields at low residence times under mild conditions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Hydrogen sulfide; Benzyl chloride; Di-benzyl sulfide; Phase transfer catalyst; Aliquat-336; Monoethanolamine; Conversion
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