Asset management of roads, evolution and techniques

Bhola, R (2014) Asset management of roads, evolution and techniques. BTech thesis.



The road network is one of the largest assets of the country and is mostly government owned. The agencies employed for the transport infrastructure must maintain, operate, improve, replace and preserve this asset. At the same time, the financial and human resources needed to achieve the performance goals of the road network must be managed carefully. All of this is accomplished under the public who pay for this part of the transport system, are regular users of the asset. There is an increasingly demand for improved levels of quality, in terms of safety, reliability and comfort, from the road network. For this, governments are placing greater pressures on road administrations to improve the efficiency , accountability and the management of the community’s asset. Asset management basicallly means a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating assets, combining engineering principles and theories, and providing tools to facilitate a more organised and flexible approach for making the decisions necessary to achieve the public’s expectations. I have taken a portion of Rourkela road for my project work. I have analysed it using QGIS . I have taken 33 points under observation. According I got the coordinate data and from there I found curve data and found out super elevation, coefficient of friction, traffic flow value , ESWL value. Accordingly I got the values of each of these components and analysed it. I found the basic reason behind the failure of roads which is mainly due to repeated application of heavy loads and we can find the alternate routes for movement of heavy vehicles to eradicate these problems.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:road network, asset management, QGIS ,traffic flow,ESWL value.
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