Batch study removal of copper ions from water by using ion exchange resin

Das , Shilpi (2014) Batch study removal of copper ions from water by using ion exchange resin. MTech thesis.



Copper is a highly toxic metal which is found as pollutant in water that is mainly originating from chemical manufacturing, painting, coating & other industries etc. In this study the copper ions has been removed from water by using an ion exchange resin Tulsion A-23 by the adsorption process. It is the most attractive option due to the avaibility of cost effective, sustainable & eco-friendly bioadsorbents. Aim of the experiment is to study the effect of various parameters such as contact time, pH of solution, initial adsorbate concentration, initial metal ion concentration & temperature on the sorption & optimize their values. Experimental results have shown that resin had a good adsorption capacity for copper and has the capability to reduce the concentration of copper in waste water. Suitable time for the operation is found to be 90min at solution pH of 6.86 with 1g/L of resin and initial concentration of copper 10mg/L. Removal of copper at these optimized parameter is found to be 98.76%. After that the removal of copper became very slow. The experimental data is well fitted with Temkin adsorption isotherm & follows second order kinetics. Based on these results we can conclude that it is possible to use this resin for removing copper from water.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Adsorption, Ion exchange,Isotherm
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