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Biswas , Ritam (2013) Removal of methylene blue dye using oil cake (karanja). BTech thesis.

Kedia, Ankit (2013) Effect of Electrolyte on Adsorption of Dye at Clay – water Interface. BTech thesis.

Lata, Manju (2013) Biodegradation of phenol by bacterial strain isolated from paper sludge. BTech thesis.

Soni, Ajeet Kumar (2013) Isolation and characterization of biosurfactant producing bacteria from oil contaminated soil. BTech thesis.


Adak, Shubhashis (2021) Post Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture: Exploration of Prospective Solvents. PhD thesis.

Anand, Abhijeet (2015) Parametric Studies on the Reduction of Metachloronitrobenzene (MCNB) Using Hydrogen Sulphide. BTech thesis.

Animesh, . (2015) Synthesis of BIS-(p-Chlorobenzyl) Sulphide Using H2S and TBMAC Polymer Bound as Phase Transfer Catalyst. BTech thesis.


Bagwan, Soyab Salim (2015) Photocatalytic Degradation of Hazardous Safranin (O) Dye by Using Self Synthesized TIO2 Nanoparticles. MTech thesis.

Behera , Abhilekh (2015) Study of Chemical Leaching of Aluminum from Red Mud. BTech thesis.

Bishoyi , Newton (2015) Treatment of Spent Pot Lining by Chemical Leaching Using Nitric Acid for Enrichment of Its Fuel Value and Optimzation of The Process Parameters. BTech thesis.


Chand, Sidhant (2015) Optimization in the Treatment of Spent Pot Lining and Enriching of Its Carbon Percentage by Hydrochloric Acid Leaching. BTech thesis.

Chandra, Neelam Venkata Phani (2017) Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Waste Food Packaging Wrappers. MTech thesis.


Das, Smrutirekha (2014) Characterization o f activated carbon of coconut
shell,rice husk and karanja oil cake.
BTech thesis.

Das , Shilpi (2014) Batch study removal of copper ions from water by using ion exchange resin. MTech thesis.

Dewangan, Nikita (2015) Wastewater Treatment Using Inverse Fluidization Unit by Algae. BTech thesis.


Gowthami, G V V (2015) Preparation and Characterization of Amorphous Silica and Metal Modified Silica Catalyst from Rice Husk. MTech thesis.


Hansdah, Bajun (2016) Adsorption of Methylene Blue and Phenol On Activated Carbon Prepared from Fox Nutshell by K2CO3 Activator. MTech thesis.


Indurkar, P D (2014) Optimization in the treatment of spent pot lining - a hazardous waste made safe. MTech thesis.


Jain , Garima (2013) Removal of copper and zinc from wastewater using chitosan. MTech thesis.


Karthik, V V S S (2016) Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbon from Jackfruit Peel. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Abhishek (2015) Corrosion Behavior of Low Carbon Steel in Presence of Chlorides, Cyanides, and Sulphates. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Akash (2013) Adsorptive removal of Rhodamine B (dye) using low cost adsorbents. MTech thesis.


Laxmi, V (2014) Removal of malachite green dye from water using orange peel as an adsorbent. MTech thesis.


Manna, Arin (2016) Safety Challenges in Construction of Kochi Metro Rail Project & its Control and Studies on Safety Engineering Aspects of Nisargruna Biogas Technology. MTech thesis.

Mitra, S (2014) Preparation and characterization of Cu-Cr impregnated silica catalyst from rice husk. MTech thesis.

Mondal, Ranajit (2015) Synthesis and Characterization of Starch Based Biocomposite Films and Their Degradation Behavior--An Alternative to the Conventional Polymer. MTech thesis.


Nagarjun, S. (2013) Kinetics of Reaction of Benzyl Chloride with H2S-Rich Aqueous Monoethanolamine Under Liquid-Liquid-Liquid Phase-Transfer Catalysis. MTech thesis.

Nayak, Laxminarayan (2016) Ehs Risk Assesment of M.R.C.S.B Project, L&T, Goa (Under Construction) and Design of City Gas Distribution Network by Using Technical Standards and Specification Including Safety Standards. MTech thesis.

Niture, Prashant Prabhakar (2016) Development of Cu-BTC (MOF) Based Membrane on Red-Mud Support: Fabrication, Characterization & Application. MTech thesis.


Parma , Sandeep (2013) Preparation and Characterization of Ceramic Microfiltration Membrane using Red Mud as cost effective resource. MTech thesis.


Ramya Sankar, M S (2015) Studies on The Corrosion Behaviour of Mild-Steel Under Simulated Industrial Conditions. MTech thesis.


Sabde , ShrirangVishwanth (2013) Management of Industrial Solid Waste by Utilizing as an Adsorbent for Methylene Blue Removal. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Roshan (2015) Removal of Congo Red Dye from Water Using Orange Peel as an Adsorbent. BTech thesis.

Sainath, Garimella Venkata (2016) Hazard Operability Study for Blast Furnace and Particulate Matter Dispersion Modelling for a Power Plant. MTech thesis.

Samal, D P (2014) Characterization of activated carbon and study of adsorption of methylene blue dye using activated carbon. BTech thesis.

Sethi , Smruti Ranjan (2015) Nitroacetophenon to Aminoacetophenon by H2s-Rich Aqueous Methyldiethanolamine A Novel Process for Utilization of H2s-Laden Gas Streams Using Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide as Phase Transfer Catalysis. BTech thesis.

Shrivastava, S (2014) Water quality analysis of water bodies of Kantajhar
BTech thesis.

Singh, Dilip Pratap (2015) Parametric Studies on Synthesis of BIS(4-Chlorobenzyl) Sulfide Using Hydrogen Sulfide. BTech thesis.

Sourabhya, P C (2016) Gas Adsorption on Activated Carbon. MTech thesis.

Srinivas , Thadela (2013) Effect of Process Parameters on Conversion and Selectivity for the Synthesis of Dibenzyl Sulfide Using Hydrogen Sulfide and Solid Reusable Tri-Phase Transfer Catalyst. MTech thesis.

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