Parametric Studies on the Reduction of Metachloronitrobenzene (MCNB) Using Hydrogen Sulphide

Anand, Abhijeet (2015) Parametric Studies on the Reduction of Metachloronitrobenzene (MCNB) Using Hydrogen Sulphide. BTech thesis.



H2S gas is a greenhouse gas. So if we can use this gas to produce anything commercially profitable instead of releasing this gas into the open environment, it will be agreat boon for us. In my project, I am using H2S gas to reduce metachloro nitro benzene to produce meta chloro aniline. But we cannot simply react H2S gas with metachloro nitro benzene. So we absorbed the H2S gas in alkanolamine and then react with metachloro nitro benzene. But both chemicals are in different phases so they cannot react with each other. Thus we need a phase transfer catalyst which will facilitate the interface transfer of species, making the reaction possible between reagent of two immiscible phases.Aromatic amines are most widely used as the intermediates for the synthesis of dyes, pharmaceuticals and agro chemicals. That’s why they are of significant industrial importance.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:phase transfer catalysis, metachloro nitro benzene, meta chloro aniline, hydrogen sulphide, conversion, Liquid liquid phase transfer catalysis
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