Current Control of Self-Excited Induction Generator using Shunt Active Filter

Garain , Gour Sunder (2014) Current Control of Self-Excited Induction Generator using Shunt Active Filter. MTech thesis.



Self-energized impelling generators are great applicants for wind controlled power era, particularly in remote territories, in light of the fact that they needn't bother with an outside force supply to process the excitation attractive field. A three-stage actuation machine could be made to fill in as a self-energized instigation generator where a three-stage capacitor bank is joined over the stator terminals to supply the touchy force necessity of a heap and generator. A standout amongst the most well-known issues when uniting little renewable vitality frameworks to the electric burden is it can infuse symphonious parts that may fall apart the force quality. In the late decades, the world has seen a development in the utilization of non-direct loads. The sounds causes issues in force frameworks and in customer items, for example, gear overheating, capacitor blowing, engine vibration, unnecessary nonpartisan momentums and low power variable. Shunt active power filter compensates current harmonics by injecting equal-but-opposite harmonic compensating currents into the grid. This paper presents a new control strategy based on shunt active power filter for controlling the current of self-excited induction generator when generator is connected to a nonlinear load. This paper also represents the analysis and modelling of dynamic model of SEIG in MATLAB/ SIMULINK. Basically a strategy based on an active power filter (APF) for controlling the current and power quality of the self-excited induction generator (SEIG) have been presented in this paper. The shunt active power filter was implemented using a three phase PWM current controlled voltage source inverter (VSI) and connected to the wind generator and loads in order to compensate the current harmonics and reactive power.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Self excited Induction Generator,Shunt Active power Filter, Current Control of SEIG
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