Power Factor Correction (PFC) of AC-DC system using boost-converter

Mohanty, P R (2014) Power Factor Correction (PFC) of AC-DC system using boost-converter. MTech thesis.



In the present situation, the evolution of growing in computers, laptops, uninterrupted power supplies, telecom and biomedical equipment has become overpowering. Hence, the utilization of such equipment results high power consumption and small power density which provided a large market to Distributed Power System (DPS). Power conditioning; typically rectification is essential usually for electronics equipment. Rectifier behaves as nonlinear load producing non-sinusoidal line current due to the nonlinear input characteristic. There are numbers of international standards to limit the harmonic content, caused due to the line currents of equipment coupled to electricity distribution networks. Accordingly, a reduction in line current harmonics, or Power Factor Correction – PFC is vital. This idea is the inspiration to this research effort. The objective is to improve the power factor nearly unity with minimum Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).For this thesis work small EMI (LC) passive PFC and Boost Converter active PFC are presented with suitable switching control.There are some major conventional control techniques that are implemented for the thesis work, which are; 1) Peak Current Control 2) Average Current Control 3) PI Control. Also for improved dynamic response and large stability range at high frequency the nonlinear controllers; 1) Dynamic Evolution Controller and 2) Sliding Mode Controller are applied. For each cases the input power factor is closed to unity and the line current waveform is observed as sinusoidal with THD percentage is in the tolerate limit.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:non-sinusoidal line current, Boost Converter, Current Control, THD, unity Power Factor,
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