Plant design for microbial treatment of waste water with advanced oxidation process

Sethi, S (2014) Plant design for microbial treatment of waste water with advanced oxidation process. BTech thesis.



About one-fifth of the people on earth are deficient to safe drinking water. About 71 % of agricultural lands are devoid of proper irrigation water. Industrial waste water when flows through the rivers results in water pollution by affecting both aquatic life as well as crops which are being irrigated by river water. Contaminated water plays significant role in affecting numerous lives. Again in some areas during summer we face water problems as lots of water after day to day domestic use are simply unutilized. This waste water from domestic use and industries constitute a major part of processed water that is not only being unutilized but also causing water pollution. In the present project work we had tried to develop and design waste water purifying technique and whole plant set-up for the purification of both industrial and domestic used waste water. The whole plant set-up is being design in order to purify waste water containing a significant level of organic and inorganic compounds both in dissolved and undissolved form. This water treatment process basically utilizes the Microbial Degradation Process and Oxidation Process which are not only highly efficient in organic and inorganic compounds removal but also provide a high level of disinfection. In ASP microorganisms were cultured in ASP tank and removal of organic compounds takes place. In AOP tank UV light is used with H2O2 in order to remove odor, inorganic components and to achieve a high level of disinfection. Along with the above two processes, the general water treatment processes like preliminary and primary water treatment were also done in order to remove inorganic and colloidal particles. The treated water from the designed plant set up was found to be almost free of any organic & inorganic contaminants and was found to be ideal for use in irrigation process, day to day domestic use, as process water in the industries itself and can also be used for drinking purpose.

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