Physical properties of cenosphere

Sen, S (2014) Physical properties of cenosphere. MTech thesis.



Cenospheres are exclusive free flowing powders comprised of hard shelled, hollow, tiny spheres collected from coal ash. Their amount is based on the C and Fe content present in the fly ash. Due to lower value of thermal conductivity, higher particle strength, ultra-low density, impermeability they are used in various industries. However, it is necessary to study the various physical properties of these ash particles for its improved and effective usage. In the present study, systematic investigation of the structural, microstructural, thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of cenosphere have been carried out. X-ray diffraction studies reveal the primary constituents of cenosphere. Quartz, mullite, sillimanite, magnetite, hematite, rutile, dipotassium oxide, calcium oxide, sodium oxide, magnesium oxide are the primary constituent of cenosphere. FESEM micrographs indicate that cenosphere is a hard shelled hollow space. Plerosphere is also found in the light weight particle. Complex impedance spectroscopy has been employed to analyze the bulk properties of the material. The room temperature dielectric study shows the high electrical resistivity property. The frequency dependent dielectric spectroscopy confirms polar characteristics of cenosphere. The average diameter of cenosphere is around 100ìm. TGA and DTA thermogram of cenosphere reveals the higher thermal stability of cenosphere. Cenosphere is stable up to 1000◦C with negligible mass loss. The endothermic peak around 300◦C reveals decomposition of carbonaceous material in cenosphere. Compressive strength of cenosphere has been carried out. Compressive strength of cenosphere pellet produced by 6 ton loading is around 7.38 MPa.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:cenosphere; TGA; DTA; XRD; impedance spectroscopy; FESEM; particle size analysis; specific surface area
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