Effect of confinement on curvature ductility of reinforced concrete beams

Chakravarthy, Kamineni Naren (2014) Effect of confinement on curvature ductility of reinforced concrete beams. MTech thesis.



It is a fact that the strength and ductility of the concrete is highly dependent on the confinement level provided by the lateral reinforcement. In the current design codes design of strength is separated with deformability. Evaluation of deformability is independent of some key parameters of concrete and steel. In the present study curvature ductility of a RCC beams with different level of confinements are calculated analytically following Hong K N and Han S H (2005) Model and Saaticioglu and Razvi (1992) Model and compared with experimental results. Six rectangular RCC beams having same cross section and main reinforcements are analysed by using OPENSEES software. Different level of lateral confinement in beams is induced by two legged and three legged stirrups provided with three different spacing. For experimental study six RCC beams are cast with stirrups provided at spacing of 100 mm, 150 mm and 250 mm. Three beams are cast with two legged and three beams are cast with three legged stirrups. Analytical observation is that the curvature ductility increases with decrease in spacing of stirrups and increase in number of legs of stirrups i.e. lateral confinement increases the curvature ductility of beam . The variation with respect to spacing is more compared to number of legs of stirrups. It is proven by using both models. The same trends are observed through experimental results. Analytical results following Saatcioglu and Razvi (1995) Model are found to be in well agreement with the experimental results.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Confinement,Stirrup Spacing, Hong K N and Han S H (2005), Saatcioglu and Razvi (1992),Moment Curvature, Beams with different levels of confinement.
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