Efficient Video Compression Schemes by applying the DCT approach

Premshankar, Konapala (2014) Efficient Video Compression Schemes by applying the DCT approach. BTech thesis.



To store an uncompressed colour video, even the DVDs of 5 Gbytes are not capable of handling more than few minutes of video. Hence video compression has become very essential. There are two types of compression: lossy and lossless. Generally the video compression is lossy as it checks for areas of redundancy between the successive frames and saves only the differences between the frames. Although the modern video compression techniques are well advanced, video compression still uses the basic steps in image compression and principles such as motion estimation and compensation are implemented to achieve compression in the video. In this project, the DCT method is applied to achieve the compression as the DCT algorithm is symmetrical, efficient and easy to implement. The main objective is to reduce the size of the video without much loss in the information. Video compression is always a tradeoff between the quality and the compression ratios. To achieve higher compression ratios, loss in the quality has to be acceptable. All the required coding is done using the MATLAB software.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:DCT;Quantization; compression ratio;intra-frame coding; compression constraints
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