Handwritten Devanagari numeral recognition

Bhargav, S (2014) Handwritten Devanagari numeral recognition. MTech thesis.



Optical character recognition (OCR) plays a very vital role in today’s modern world. OCR can be useful for solving many complex problems and thus making human’s job easier. In OCR we give a scanned digital image or handwritten text as the input to the system. OCR can be used in postal department for sorting of the mails and in other offices. Much work has been done for English alphabets but now a day’s Indian script is an active area of interest for the researchers. Devanagari is on such Indian script. Research is going on for the recognition of alphabets but much less concentration is given on numerals. Here an attempt was made for the recognition of Devanagari numerals. The main part of any OCR system is the feature extraction part because more the features extracted more is the accuracy. Here two methods were used for the process of feature extraction. One of the method was moment based method. There are many moment based methods but we have preferred the Tchebichef moment. Tchebichef moment was preferred because of its better image representation capability. The second method was based on the contour curvature. Contour is a very important boundary feature used for finding similarity between shapes. After the process of feature extraction, the extracted feature has to be classified and for the same Artificial Neural Network (ANN) was used. There are many classifier but we preferred ANN because it is easy to handle and less error prone and apart from that its accuracy is much higher compared to other classifier. The classification was done individually with the two extracted features and finally the features were cascaded to increase the accuracy.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:OCR, Contour signature, Devanagari , Tchebichef moment, ANN, Feature Cascading
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