Hand gesture based digit recognition

Mandal, Itishree and Ray, Samiksha (2014) Hand gesture based digit recognition. BTech thesis.



Recognition of static hand gestures in our daily plays an important role in human-computer interaction. Hand gesture recognition has been a challenging task now a days so a lot of research topic has been going on due to its increased demands in human computer interaction. Since Hand gestures have been the most natural communication medium among human being, so this facilitate efficient human computer interaction in many electronics gazettes . This has led us to take up this task of hand gesture recognition. In this project different hand gestures are recognized and no of fingers are counted. Recognition process involve steps like feature extraction, features reduction and classification. To make the recognition process robust against varying illumination we used lighting compensation method along with YCbCr model. Gabor filter has been used for feature extraction because of its special mathematical properties. Gabor based feature vectors have high dimension so in our project 15 local gabor filters are used instead of 40 Gabor filters. The objective in using fifteen Gabor filters is used to mitigate the complexity with improved accuracy. In this project the problem of high dimensionality of feature vector is being solved by using PCA. Using local Gabor filter helps in reduction of data redundancy as compared to that of 40 filters. Classification of the 5 different gestures is done with the use of one against all multiclass SVM which is also compared with Euclidean distance and cosine similarity while the former giving an accuracy of 90.86%.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:PCA,SVM,gabor filter,hand gesture,
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