Practical simulation and modelling of lightning impulse voltage generator using marx circuit

Verma, Vivek Kumar (2014) Practical simulation and modelling of lightning impulse voltage generator using marx circuit. BTech thesis.



Standard impulse waveform have similar characteristics as that of lightning strike and can be used for testing the strength of electrical equipment. For producing high voltage pulses Marx generator is the most popular and is most widely used method. This thesis describes the creation of a simulation circuit to match the output of a Marx Impulse Generator. In this project eight stages of standard Marx Impulse Voltage Generator were simulated and resulted impulse waves were recorded. The objective was to calculate the stray capacitance using standard formulas and embed that capacitance into the simulation circuit to adequately deliver a yield like that of the impulse generator. A genuine multi-staged impulse generator was utilized as the base. Eight distinctive levels of impulse voltage were tried, and the output waveforms were recorded. The simulation circuit was then subjected to a few cycles, conforming the capacitance qualities to achieve a yield as close as could be expected under the circumstances to that of the real generator. Finishes of the examination demonstrate that a successful simulation circuit could be made to give a yield that is near, yet not precisely that of, the genuine generator. In the exploration, a few zones of error were distinguished in the simulation that were not introduce in the simulation circuit. The entire simulations have been examined in the NI Multisim software. The simulation circuit could be utilized to figure out the front time, tail time, and peak voltage.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:simulation, impulse generator, marx circuit, electrical equipment, NI Multisim software.
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