A study on flexible flow shop and job shop scheduling using meta-heuristic approaches

Singh, Manas Ranjan (2014) A study on flexible flow shop and job shop scheduling using meta-heuristic approaches. PhD thesis.



Scheduling aims at allocation of resources to perform a group of tasks over a period of time in such a manner that some performance goals such as flow time, tardiness, lateness, and makespan can be minimized. Today, manufacturers face the challenges in terms of shorter product life cycles, customized products and changing demand pattern of customers. Due to intense competition in the market place, effective scheduling has now become an important issue for the growth and survival of manufacturing firms. To sustain in the current competitive environment, it is essential for the manufacturing firms to improve the schedule based on simultaneous optimization of performance measures such as makespan, flow time and tardiness. Since all the scheduling criteria are important from business operation point of view, it is vital to optimize all the objectives simultaneously instead of a single objective. It is also essentially important for the manufacturing firms to improve the performance of production scheduling systems that can address internal uncertainties such as machine breakdown, tool failure and change in processing times. The schedules must meet the deadline committed to customers because failure to do so may result in a significant loss of goodwill. Often, it is necessary to reschedule an existing plan due to uncertainty event like machine breakdowns. The problem of finding robust schedules (schedule performance does not deteriorate in disruption situation) or flexible schedules (schedules expected to perform well after some degree of modification when uncertain condition is encountered) is of utmost importance for real world applications as they operate in dynamic environments.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Flexible flow shop; Flexible job shop; PSO; QPSO; Multi-objective optimization; MOPSO; Makespan; Flow time; Tardiness, Chaotic Number; Mutation; Maximum deviation theory
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