Human Trafficking: A study exploring its causes, current efforts and challenges

Ranjana, Disha (2015) Human Trafficking: A study exploring its causes, current efforts and challenges. MA thesis.



Human trafficking is a multifaceted issue which requires a multidisciplinary approach. This study is aimed at exploring the causes, current efforts and challenges faced in this context. The objective of this study is to examine the incidence of human trafficking and its underlying factors in the Sundargarh district of Odisha. Sundargarh is an industrially expanding district which can open up employment opportunities for the tribals who are immensely affected due to various reasons. To analyse the experiences of the victims of human trafficking, indepth case study method has been adopted. Finally examining the role of local NGOs in combating human trafficking is a major thrust in this study. The sample of the study includes five (5) case studies of the trafficked victims. The respondents also included the members and staff of the NGOs, different officials of the district administration and family members of the victims. The results indicated that an inclusive approach is what India needs in order to combat trafficking. These approaches should be right-based because Human Trafficking violates human rights. So every endeavour should be directed towards protection of these rights. Protection measures should be directed to both men and women. The study reveals how the state rehabilitation programs do not function as they should be. Monitoring and evaluation of anti-trafficking programs should incorporate methods to get accurate field based data. Above all, alternate livelihood options should be made open to the tribal population who are not skilled otherwise.

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