Drowziness Detection System using Image Processing

Rupanagudi , Manoj (2015) Drowziness Detection System using Image Processing. BTech thesis.



There have been a lot of approaches in the detection of drowsiness. The parameters taken into consideration were the eye opening window, the number of blinks during a time period, no. of yawns etc. there are about 12 facial features that can be determined by the camera mounted on the circuit board. The parameter considered here is only the window of eye opening. In addition to the 12 parameters, the head motion was also taken into consideration which, in turn, contributed to the improvement of the accuracy of the measurement. Driver Drowsiness is one of the real reasons for mishaps on the planet. In this undertaking I plan to build up a model of drowsiness recognition framework. This framework meets expectations by observing the eyes of the driver and sounding a caution when he/she is tired. The framework so outlined is a non-nosy continuous checking framework. The need is on enhancing the security of the driver without being prominent. In this venture the eye flicker of the driver is recognized. In the event that the drivers’ eyes stay shut for more than a certain duration of time, the driver is said to be languid and an alert is sounded. The programming for this is done in matlab using image acquisition tool.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Eye Detection, Vehicular safety Management, Drowsiness Detection
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