Optimized Collision Warning Protocol in VANET

Majhi, Jogendra (2015) Optimized Collision Warning Protocol in VANET. BTech thesis.



Transportation has become an essential part in our life. As an outcome, number of vehicles are going up day by day. Trafc casualties is getting higher and higher day by day and streets are being blocked and overcrowded. Vehicle accidents have been taking many lives every year, it has now outnumbered the number of death a disaster or a savage infection takes lives in a year. Studies demonstrate that if the driver of the vehicle is given a warning message in less than half seconds before an accident then around 50% roadway crashes could be evaded. In this thesis a vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol for collision warning has been proposed. Wireless technology such as DSRC promises to significantly diminish the number of deadly road accidents for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-roadside (V2R) communication by giving timely warnings. Accomplishing low delivery delay time in conveying Emergency Warning Message in different road circumstances to neighboring vehicles is one of the foremost technical issue addressed in this thesis. Moreover an algorithm for collision avoidance is also stated in this thesis. An effective protocol was designed covering obstruction control policies and techniques for Emergency Warning Message differentiation by taking into account various application requirements. Results from the simulation shows that the protocol proposed in this thesis accomplishes low delivery delay time in conveying Emergency Warning Message even under unpleasant road situation.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:EWM , AV , Redundant EWM , Congestion , Bandwidth
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