Power Angle Control Scheme for Integration of UPQC in Grid Connected PV System

Chaitanya, Nakka Pruthiv (2015) Power Angle Control Scheme for Integration of UPQC in Grid Connected PV System. MTech thesis.



The quality of electric power is greatly affected by the proliferation of non-linear loads in electrical energy processing applications like switched mode power supplies, electric motor drives, battery chargers, etc., The custom power devices like UPQC has gained more importance in power quality arena as it gives the best solution for all power quality issues. UPQC is the combination of both shunt and series active power filters connected through a common DC link capacitor. The shunt active power filter is the most corrective measure to remove the current related problems, power factor improvement by supplying reactive power and regulates DC link voltage. The series APF acts as controlled voltage source and corrects voltage related problems, like sag or swell, flickering, harmonics, etc.,. As a combination of both of these, UPQC improves service reliability. In the present work, shunt inverter control is based on modified active- reactive (p-q) power theory, uses High selectivity filter (HSF) for reference current generation. The series APF uses Power Angle Control (PAC) scheme for compensating sag/swell, interruption and voltage related problems along with sharing a part of load reactive power demand with shunt APF and thus ease its loading and makes the utilization of UPQC to be optimal. The topology uses three phase three leg inverters for both shunt APF and series APF. The gating signals were generated using Hysteresis controller. The output of High step-Up DC-DC Converter is used to work as DC voltage source for both APFs. The input voltage for the converter is provided by Photo Voltaic array incorporated with P&O MPPT technique. The use of high step-up DC-DC converter is for high voltage gain with better efficiency. The present topology avoids the PLL in shunt active power filter. The simulation results are presented to show the effectiveness of the three phase, three-wire PV-UPQC and here obtained an acceptable THD for source current and kept load voltage

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:power quality, custom power, high selectivity filter, high step-up DC-DC converter, power angle control, MPPT
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
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