Preparation & Characterization of Activated Kaolinite

Das, Siddharth Sekhar (2015) Preparation & Characterization of Activated Kaolinite. BTech thesis.



Kaolinite has been used for many purposes since ages. Kaolinite is the major mineral segment of kaolin. The clay sample (china clay) was collected. Calcination of china clay was carried out at a temperature of 750°C to form metakaolin. The chemical analysis results of raw clay sample showed that the clay is composed of alumina and silica. Activated clay was synthesized by acid and alkali leaching process of metakaolin. Two strong acids HCl and H2SO4 were used for acid activation and KOH was used for carrying out alkali activation. The residue formed was characterized by X-Ray Diffraction study to confirm the phases. The particle morphology was studied by FE-SEM study, and the specific surface area was studied by BET analysis. TG-DSC analysis was also carried out to see the mass loss and formation of any new compounds. These analyses were carried out separately for all three samples of activated clay. The results showed an increase in surface area of the leached clay which hints that activated clay can be used as a catalytic agent in many chemical reactions and an adsorber to remove impurities.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:kaolinite,leaching,HCl,calcination,silica
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