Qualitative and Quantitative Estimation of Pedestrian Level of Service at Signalized Intersections

Naga Raju, Sangani (2015) Qualitative and Quantitative Estimation of Pedestrian Level of Service at Signalized Intersections. MTech thesis.



Pedestrians form the largest single road user group and also are the most vulnerable road users. Pedestrian’s movements are not restricted to lanes or specific routes however they are restricted by the physical boundaries around them such as the presence of walkways or pedestrian ways. The main objective of this study is to identify the various factors affecting pedestrian level of service (PLOS) at signalized intersections and to propose a suitable methodology for estimation of pedestrian level of service. The study carried out to develop a model for pedestrian level of service of signalized intersections in Vijayawada city and Bhubaneswar city based on pedestrian’s perception on safety and comfort. The main factors considered for the development of the model were through traffic, left turning traffic, right turning traffic, number of pedestrians, number of lanes and pedestrian delay. Pedestrian delay was one of the key performance indicators for pedestrian level of service. Total twelve crosswalks from two cities were considered for study purpose. Video graphic method was used for collection of field data. Questionnaire survey was conducted to know the perceived level of service of pedestrians. The various factors required to develop the model extracted from video graphic data. Pearson correlation analysis was done to identify the various significant factors influencing pedestrian level of service. By considering perceived LOS as dependent variable and significant factors as independent variables stepwise regression analysis was done to develop a model which suitable for urban Indian conditions. The study revealed that various factors affecting level of service under heterogeneous traffic condition were turning traffic, through traffic, number of lanes, and number of pedestrian and pedestrian delay.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:level of service,pedestrian, questionnaire,pedestrian delay,weaving traffic
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