Economic Design of X-bar Control Chart Using Gravitational Search Algorithm

Juvvala, Rambabu (2015) Economic Design of X-bar Control Chart Using Gravitational Search Algorithm. MTech thesis.



Control chart is a major and one of most widely used statistical process control (SPC) tools. It is used to statistically monitor the process through sampling inspection. Control chart tells us when to allow the process to continue or avoid unnecessary adjustments with machine and when to take the corrective action. On to same problem either on the material side or from the operator side it is quite possible that either targeted value X-bar has changed or process dispersion has changed. These changes must be reflected on the control chart so that the corrective action can be taken. The use of control chart requires selection of three parameters namely sample size n, sampling interval h, and width of control limits k for the chart. Duncan developed a loss cost function for X-bar control chart with single assignable cause. The function has to be optimized using metaheuristic optimization technique. In the present project, the economic design of the X-bar control chart using Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) has been developed MATLAB software to determine the three parameters i.e. n , h and k such that the expected total cost per hour is minimized. The results obtained are found to be better than that reported in literature.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Control chart,Duncan cost model, Economic Design, Gravitational search Algorithm
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