EEG Processing for Fast and Efficient Analysis

Kumar, Kaspa Sudheer (2015) EEG Processing for Fast and Efficient Analysis. BTech thesis.



Hobbies on the human body have never diminished and explore on it has never ceased since hundreds of years back. An investigation of EEG for examination of the creation of the cerebrum and intellectual methods for biomedical applications is progressing theme for exploration. For the legitimate conclusion of numerous neurological maladies, for example, epilepsy, tumors, issues connected with injury exact examination of EEG signs is key. Moreover, to upgrade the viability of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) frameworks it is obliged to focus systems for expanding the sign to-commotion proportion (SNR) of the watched EEG signals. EEG measured by setting cathodes on scalp generally has little abundancy in microvolts, so the examination of EEG information and the extraction of data from this information is a troublesome issue. This issue gets to be more entangled by the presentation of antiques, for example, line commotion from the force lattice, eye flickers, eye developments, pulse, breathing, and other muscle action. Discrete wavelet change offers a viable answer for denoising nonstationary EEG signals. In this paper, wavelet denoising is connected to EEG obtained amid performing diverse mental assignments. The initial decay of the EEG signal from database utilizing five unique sorts of wavelets viz. Haar, Daubechies, Symlet, Coiflet,Dmey is completed. In denoising process, the thresholding system utilized for expelling clamor from sullied EEG. Our goal to discover best suitable wavelet sort to specific errand which gave better execution measure, for example, bigger sign to-Noise Ratio (SNR). The EEG database from the Colorado state college is utilized for experimentation.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Wavelets-Features-compression,EGG
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