Slope Stability Analysis of Open Cast Manganese Ore Mine- Dongri Buzurg Moil

Pal, laxman (2015) Slope Stability Analysis of Open Cast Manganese Ore Mine- Dongri Buzurg Moil. MTech thesis.



Slope stability analysis are one of the most leading need in surface mining operations to predict the unexpected movement of ground causes, which has a potential to endanger lives, demolish equipment, or destroy property. Therefore, slope stability analysis in MOIL-Dongri Buzurg was done by conducting joint survey of mine and analysis of primary structure such as bedding has been obliterated in the schistose footwall and hang wall due to prominent schistocity. Dips are southerly and vary from 45o to 80o. Kinematic analysis of the joints by using DIPS software shows potential wedge failure in footwall side with 33.33% which shows sufficient potential failure in footwall side. And in hangwall side, it was 16.67% which has quite lower chances of failure. For determining physico-mechanical properties of the rocks, samples were collected and tested in laboratory. Strength properties of rock mass were determined by using RMR which was found to be 42 and comes under the category of fair rock type. Uniaxial compressive strength of Quartz muscovite schist, Tirodi biotitic gneiss and Quartz mica schist were determined 55, 69.86 and 61.12 MPa respectively. Similarly, shear strength properties of rock were obtained by using Triaxial testing. Cohesion values determined by using Triaxial tests values for Tirodi biotitic gneiss, Granitic gneiss and Quartz mica schist were 2.13, 2.4 & 2.64 MPa and friction angles are 39.60, 41.90, 43.90 respectively directly by using RocData software. From parametric studies with above physico-mechanical properties, bench angle is determined to be 65o with bench height 10 m for the geomining conditions of the MOIL-Dongri Buzurg mine.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Slope Stability, Bench Angle, Safety Factor, Geology
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