Study and Preparation of High Alumina Insulating Castables

Gupta , Pragati (2015) Study and Preparation of High Alumina Insulating Castables. BTech thesis.



Refractories are non-metallic inorganic materials. It can withstand high-temperature, load. It has many applications in glass, cement lime, iron and steel industries. Hence, unshaped refractories have taken the place of shaped ones. Castables are used in many areas. Refractory castables are prepared by mixing refractory grains, bonding agents, matrix components and additives by casting. We focused here on the study and preparation of insulating castables. Insulating castables have many applications in petrochemical industries and in process industries where it is used as a backup layer. It has a very low density as well as low thermal conductivity that is why it is used in petrochemical and process industries to conserve heat energy and reduce fuel cost. Insulating castables are very brittle in nature, as it is made up of highly porous aggregates. Hence, it requires high water addition. To improve its strength, a slow vibration of 1.1 is done to reduce its high water requirement. The numerous size range of the aggregates was used to make it more homogeneous. Cement is used as a binder in the preparation of this castables.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Unshaped refractory, low weight aggregates, bulk density, thermal conductivity, shrinkage behaviour, cold crushing strength, XRD analysis, furnace lining in petrochemical industries, brittle
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