Effect of TiO2 on Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Blast Furnace (BF) Slag Based Glass Ceramics

Kumar, Sandeep (2015) Effect of TiO2 on Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Blast Furnace (BF) Slag Based Glass Ceramics. MTech thesis.



Glass ceramics has an extensive variety of uses in today's reality. The generation of glass ceramics production from mechanical waste, for example, fly ash, red mud, blast furnace slag increasing more significance now a day’s due to their accessibility and minimal effort. Accordingly utilizing blast furnace slag as one of the primary constituents can help in decreasing the liquefying temperature of the precursor glass prior to glass ceramic production. In the present work, an endeavour has been made to deliver glass ceramic with high TiO2 substance utilizing blast furnace slag. A new glass ceramic was created from an extra TiO2-containing Blast furnace slag. The high amount of TiO2 (5-10 wt%) in this system shifting oxide and increases crystallization in the glass system, bringing about a superior-grained material which have good mechanical properties. Glass batches are dissolved at 1450oC. Glass ceramization treatment temperatures were chosen 800oC, 900oC, 1000oC and 1100oC. Glass Ceramic products are characterize by Vickers Hardness, Bulk density measurement, Flexural strength , Compressive strength , Dilatometer test, X-ray Diffraction (XRD) , Differential Scanning Calorimetric ( DSC ) and Field-emission Scanning Electron Microscopy ( FESEM ). The crystallization level was examined with the density variation with temperature. A higher density was found at 900oC. A striking difference in the composition of glass-ceramic was observed by heat treating the glass at different crystallization temperatures. Diopside and Gehlenite were found as major phases with the help of XRD. A high micro-hardness of 7 GPa, Bulk density above 3gm/cc and a Compressive strength greater than 100 MPa were found. The resultant glass ceramic is high quality, tastefully worthy (metallic dark or misty cocoa shaded), and suitable for structural and building application.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Blast furnace slag, glass ceramics, Titania, mechanical properties , crystallization
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