Design of Highly Efficient Grid Connected Microinverter for Photovoltaic Panel

Mani Vikash, V and Kumar, Sandeep (2015) Design of Highly Efficient Grid Connected Microinverter for Photovoltaic Panel. BTech thesis.



The Photo Voltaic (PV) energy system, utilized as a part of this undertaking, is another idea being used, which is increasing huge ubiquity because of expanding significance to developing option wellsprings of source of energy over exhaustion of customary nonrenewable energizes all around the globe. The systems which are being created concentrate on making sun as source of energy in the most productive way and supply them to the accessible loads without influencing their execution. We are going to study the operational principle and the structure of the present gridconnected photovoltaic system. Grid connected PV generation system is mainly composed of the PV array, flyback converter and the micro inverter device. We will use flyback converter to step up the 18 to 40V DC voltage to 400V DC and to also isolate from primary side to the secondary side for protection purpose. We will use an improved PWM micro inverter control system that can be applied in grid-connected PV generation to convert 400Vdc to 240V AC. We will use PROTEUS and MATLAB/Simulink softwares to simulate and analyse. The result of the simulation shows that output of PV which is 18 to 40V DC is stepped up 400V DC and further to 240V AC using flyback converter and grid connected inverter respectively.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Photo Voltaic (PV) Energy System, Flyback Converter, Grid Synchronisation.
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
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