Design of Illumination System for an Opencast Manganese Mine

Parida, Satyajeet (2015) Design of Illumination System for an Opencast Manganese Mine. MTech thesis.



The primary objectives of the project was to design an effective lighting layout at different places of work to ensure safe visual working environment in an opencast mining project with keeping in view to meet the statutory standards. The research work was carried out with the objectives to conduct illumination survey and check whether the adequacy of lighting meet the standards set by Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) as well as design of appropriate illumination systems based on illumination requirement for: ? Different places of work in the mine and ? Different Heavy Earth Moving Machineries (HEMMs). The illumination survey was performed in a mechanized opencast manganese mine project of Manganese Ore India Limited during March, 2015. It included an illumination survey of the existing lighting system in various working areas e.g. haul road, service road, dump yard, dumping road, road to stack yard followed by analysis and improvement measures. The lux meter used for the survey was a Metravi-1332. The existing illuminance levels were found inadequate in the mine dumping yard (at dump edges). The roads though had required level of illuminance but optimization was necessary. The illumination models for various working places in the mine were developed using DIALux software and virtual Philips luminaires were used for the design. DGMS standard for opencast mine lighting was used for both assessment and design of illumination systems. The luminaires used for the design were 250 watts HPSV. For dump yard lighting arrangement model was obtained using 1000 watts HPSV lamps fitted on high mast tower and the design satisfied DGMS standards with a minimum illuminance of 3 lux at the dump edges. The following recommendations were proposed for consideration to improve the visual level in the work places ? Installation of 250 Watt lamps for the roadways so that the number of poles can be reduced resulting less cost for pole installation and more free areas for movement of vehicles. ? Truck mounted illumination system can be used instead of fixed lighting system at the places which are vulnerable to damage caused by blasting. ? The cabin lighting of HEMMs can be improved by installing proper luminaries. ? High mast lighting tower must be installed in the dump yard to meet the standards at the edges of the dump yard.

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