Intelligent Control and Path Planning of Multiple Mobile Robots Using Hybrid Ai Techniques

Jha, Alok Kumar (2016) Intelligent Control and Path Planning of Multiple Mobile Robots Using Hybrid Ai Techniques. PhD thesis.



This work reports the problem of intelligent control and path planning of multiple mobile robots. Soft computing methods, based on three main approaches i.e. 1) Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm, 2) Radial Basis Function Network and 3) Bees Algorithm are presented. Initially, Bacterial foraging Optimization Algorithm (BFOA) with constant step size is analyzed for the navigation of mobile robots. Then the step size has been made adaptive to develop an Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization (ABFO) controller. Further, another controller using radial basis function neural network has been developed for the mobile robot navigation. Number of training patterns are intended to train the RBFN controller for different conditions arises during the navigation. Moreover, Bees Algorithm has been used for the path planning of the mobile robots in unknown environments. A new fitness function has been used to perform the essential navigational tasks effectively and efficiently. In addition to the selected standalone approaches, hybrid models are also proposed to improve the ability of independent navigation. Five hybrid models have been presented and analyzed for navigation of one, two and four mobile robots in various scenarios. Comparisons have been made for the distance travelled and time taken by the robots in simulation and real time. Further, all the proposed approaches are found capable of solving the basic issues of path planning for mobile robots while doing navigation. The controllers have been designed, developed and analyzed for various situations analogous to possible applications of the robots in indoor environments. Computer simulations are presented for all cases with single and multiple mobile robots in different environments to show the effectiveness of the proposed controllers. Furthermore, various exercises have been performed, analyzed and compared in physical environments to exhibit the effectiveness of the developed controllers.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:mobile robot, AI, path planning, mobile robot navigation.
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Mechanical Engineering > Robotics
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Mechanical Engineering
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Deposited On:20 May 2016 18:33
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Supervisor(s):Parhi, D R

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