Design of Pid Controller for FODPT and IPDT System

Kandulna , Ruben (2015) Design of Pid Controller for FODPT and IPDT System. MTech thesis.



One of the past control procedures is the PID control which is used many industries. It can be comprehended on the grounds that it is tuneable effectively and the control structure is basic. In the meantime a few tasteful results have been demonstrated utilizing PID control as a part of control system, in mechanical control despite everything it has an has a widespread variety of presentations. As per a study it has been found that each control area requires PID type for process control systems directed which was studied in 1989. For a long time PID control has been an energetic study subject. Since numerous process plants have comparable dynamics which is PID controlled and it has been found from less plant data it is possible to set acceptable controller. In this few controller design techniques is been presented for PID-type, and resulting details for the tuning algorithms is discussed. The PID control are all described fully, and some differences of the classic PID structure are presented. The perceived experimental Ziegler–Nichols tuning formula and for the PID controller design algorithms approaches have been made for finding the corresponding FOPDT model. Some other simple PID setting formulae such as the Cohen–Coon formula, Chien–Hrones–Reswick formula, Zhuang–Atherton optimum PID controller, Wang–Juang–Chan formula and is presented. Some of the design techniques on PID control is presented, such as Smith predictor design and IMC control design. At long last, a few thoughts on the structure of the controller determinations for process control system are given.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:PID, FOPDT, IPDT, IMC, Smith-Predictor, PDF, Integral Cost Function
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
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