Design and Analysis of Absorption Refrigeration System Using [EMIM [OTF] +H2O]

Dash, Sidhant (2015) Design and Analysis of Absorption Refrigeration System Using [EMIM [OTF] +H2O]. BTech thesis.



With rapid economic expansion and persistently increasing energy consumption, human kind is going to face a growing degradation of environment, if the activities continues as usual. For this reason, utilization of low grade energy has become one of the most attractive solution to heating and cooling problem encountered with industrial and residential applications. It is viable to recover the low grade heat lost in industries to use it absorption refrigeration cycle to increase their efficiency and reducing the negative impact on the environment. Since the inception of absorption cycle, the working pair properties have been a challenging issue which determine the performance of refrigeration cycle. Thus, the search for the more beneficial working pair with excellent thermal stability, non-corrosive and non-crystallization has been a subject of research in recent years. The coefficient of performance (COP) is simply defined as the cooling capacity divided by the energy input to the absorption refrigeration cycle and it can also be used to gauge the potential success of ionic Liquid and water systems. This research provides the necessary thermodynamic measurements and/or predictive modelling of the mixture properties, COP calculation and cost estimation in order to evaluate the (IL + water) working pair based absorption refrigeration (ARS) systems for future use in absorption refrigeration. The calculations have shown that the (IL + water) based ARS have higher COPs’ than the conventional working pair based systems.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Ionic liquids, Coefficient of performance, Absorption refrigeration cycle
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