Analysis of Induction Motor Drive With Direct Torque Control Scheme Using Space Vector Modulation

Kumar, Vudatha Vinod (2015) Analysis of Induction Motor Drive With Direct Torque Control Scheme Using Space Vector Modulation. MTech thesis.



Direct torque control (DTC) is one in all the foremost wonderful management methods of torque control of the induction motor. The aim is to regulate effectively the torque and flux. Torque control of associate induction motor (IM) supported DTC strategy is a developed and a comprehensive study which is made during this project. Direct torque management is that the 1st technology to regulate the important control variables of torque and flux. This methodology makes the rotor more accurate and quick management, high dynamic speed response and easy to regulate. The reference value may be calculated by the flux and torsion estimation and conjointly motor parameters. With the joint progress of numerical electronics and power electronics, it's potential nowadays to subsume the axis management with variable speed in applications involving low power. With these projections of technology, various command approaches are developed by the scientists to master in real time, the torque and also the flux of the electrical ac machines, the direct torque control (DTC) theme being one in all the foremost recent steps during this direction. This theme provides excellent regulation properties without using rotational speed feedback. During this control theme the electro- magnetic torque and mechanical device (stator) flux magnitude are calculable with solely mechanical device voltages and currents and this estimation doesn't rely upon motor parameters apart from the mechanical device (stator) resistance. In this thesis, typical DTC theme has been delineated. The induction motor (IM) has been simulated in stationary d-q arrangement and its free running acceleration characteristics are drawn. Typical DTC theme has been simulated with a two hundred horse power (200 HP), 460V, 60Hz induction motor. The literature review has been done to review the latest advancements in DTC theme that in someway is ready to beat the drawbacks of the typical one. The space vector modulation technique (SVM) is applied during this project to two level electrical converter (inverter) within the direct torque management primarily based on induction motor drive system. Space vector PWM methodology may be applied as future work to DTC drive system to cut back the torque (torsion) ripple.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Direct Torque Control, Space Vector, Hysterisis Controller, Dynamic Forward Voltage Vector, Accelerating Voltage Vector
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