Design and Simulation of Soft Switching Boost Converter for Photovoltaic System

Mishra, Devendra Kumar (2015) Design and Simulation of Soft Switching Boost Converter for Photovoltaic System. MTech thesis.



India is among leading power producing countries but still we have an unreliable and inefficient electrical infrastructure. Photovoltaic power generation can be helpful to meet the requirements of electricity demand. In order to increase efficiency of PV system a soft-switching boost converter is adopted, which consists of an auxiliary resonant circuit having an auxiliary switch, two diodes with a resonant capacitor and a resonant inductor. This model of converter can supply 60 W to load. Since hard switching generates losses during turn on and turns off but in the proposed converter circuit Zero Voltage Switching operation is performed by resonant capacitor at turn-off condition and Zero Current Switching operation by resonant inductor at turn-on. The chosen converter reduces switching loss as well as voltage and current stress across the devices due to this the efficiency of converter increases. As designed converter is operated at high frequency, so small size of inductors and capacitors are required, this reduces size of converter. Incremental Conductance algorithm is used to achieve maximum power from PV module .The proposed converter and inverter circuit are simulated in Psim9.0 with PV and Maximum Power Point Tracking and theoretical analysis is verified

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