Development of Automatic Digitization of Truck Number in Open Cast Mines Using Microcontroller

Khan, Kamaul Hoque (2015) Development of Automatic Digitization of Truck Number in Open Cast Mines Using Microcontroller. MTech thesis.



Geological condition in mines appears to be extremely complicated and there are many intelligence security problems. Production is falsely transfer by the unauthorized truck from mine pits also at loading point. It also lifted in wrong ways
by malfunctioning of the truck weight in Weigh Bridge. Mining organizations are under the control of mafia and countless can be added to the mines mafia. An intelligence security system is need to monitor truck number in automatically using image acquisition method, automatic detection, recognition process, communication technology, information technology and microcontroller innovation to understand the working specification of the mining region. Tracking of the number plate from the truck is an important task, which demands intelligent solution. Intelligent surveillance in open casts mine security network using data accession is a prime task that protects the secure production of mines. So automatic truck number recognition technique is used to recognize the registration number of the truck which is used for transferring the mine production as well as track record the amount of the production. It also preserves the mines and thus improving its security. For extraction and recognition of number plate from truck image the system is uses MATLAB software tool. It is assumed that images of the truck have been captured from digital camera. The data acquisition terminal uses the PIC16F877A microcontroller as a core chip for sending data. The data are communicated through USB to TTL converter (RS232) with the main circuit to realize intelligent monitoring. To store the data in permanently it is uses EEPROM chip. Alphanumeric Characters on plate has been extracted and recognized using template images of alphanumeric characters. The proposed system performs the real time data monitoring to recognize the registration number plate of the trucks for getting required important information. It also provides to maintenance the history of data and support access control

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Intelligence Security System in Mines, PIC16F877A,Truck Number Digitization, Mine Pits, Weigh Bridge, MATLAB, Image Acquisition, Automatic Detection, Character Recognition, Webcam, Relays, Power Supply
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Mining Engineering > Open Cast Mining
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Mining Engineering
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