Development of STATCOM Based PI and Fuzzy Voltage Controller for Self-Excited Induction Generator

Singh, Sumit (2015) Development of STATCOM Based PI and Fuzzy Voltage Controller for Self-Excited Induction Generator. MTech thesis.



With growing demand of electrical energy and limited availability of fossil fuels has led to the use of non-conventional sources (like Wind, Solar, Tidal etc.) which are abundant in nature and pollutant free. The brushless generation using Induction generator with excitation capacitor known as self-excited induction generators driven by constant speed prime movers are becoming more popular because of its low cost, ruggedness, low maintenance and no need of DC excitation system since last two decades. Moreover, these generators can also be operate as stand-alone system to provide electricity to isolated rural areas where transmission of power through grid is difficult and uneconomical. However the fundamental problem associated with such generation scheme are poor voltage regulation under varying load. In order to regulate its terminal voltage with varying load the active and reactive power levels at PCC (point of common coupling) have to be maintained constant. The active and reactive power level are regulated by using modern power electronic converters. But survey shows that existing controllers are either difficult to implement or uneconomical or designed for particular load only. This thesis is intended to develop a STATCOM based voltage controller using PI controller for SEIG feeding both linear and non-linear loads driven by constant speed prime mover. The PI controller based voltage regulator has poor dynamic response hence a Fuzzy controller based voltage regulator using STATCOM is also developed. The advantages of using Fuzzy Controller over PI Controller for development of STACOM based voltage regulator for SEIG is investigated

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:STATCOM, Fuzzy Controller, Series Compensator, Wind Energy
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
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