Modeling & Simulation of Multiphase Interleaved Boost Converter for Grid-Connected PV System

Sahu, Preeti Kumari (2015) Modeling & Simulation of Multiphase Interleaved Boost Converter for Grid-Connected PV System. MTech thesis.



A Multi-phase Interleaved boost converter with photovoltaic module using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technique is the primary objective of this project. Hence at the beginning, the PV module is analyzed in MATLAB using SIMULINK software. Single-diode Photovoltaic model is used here. The surrounding conditions, which really affect the characteristics of PV cells are listed as; Solar Irradiation & Temperature. Generally three boost converters are used in parallel manner to form a three-phase interleaved boost converter. Controlling pulses are coming from the three maximum power point trackers. The MPPT indicates the maximum possible power from the photovoltaic module and supply it to the load via the multi-phase interleaved boost converter which boosts up the voltage in high ratio to required magnitude.Then the generated dc output voltage is given back to grid through universal inverter. Before connecting to grid it should be properly synchronized. In this project, simulation& design of a close loop three phase inverter in MATLAB SIMULINK platform is also presented. That is also a part of PV grid connected systems. The inverter utilized here is controlled by the synchronous d-q reference frame. It injects a current into the grid so that both can be synchronized. Phase lock loop technique is used here to lock the grid frequency and phase with inverter ones. Filter is especially designed here at the inverter output terminal to eliminate the high frequency ripple. It’s of low pass type. There are many MPPT methods given by the researchers. Among them P&O method and INC method are mostly used. Here P&O algorithm is used because of its advantages over INC method. P&O MPPT algorithm having faster dynamic response and well-regulated PV output voltage than hill climbing algorithm.

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