Analytical Modeling of Nanoscale 4H-SiC MOSFETs for High Power Applications

Yadav, Manoj Kumar (2016) Analytical Modeling of Nanoscale 4H-SiC MOSFETs for High Power Applications. MTech thesis.



Threshold voltage instability was investigated for 4H-SiC MOSFETs with SiO2, Si3N4 and HFO2 gate oxides. Threshold voltage changes observed in the drain current Vs. gate voltage (ID-VG) characteristics was determined using various gate voltage sweeps at room temperature. Three types of MOSFETs show different instability characteristics. Depending on gate voltage, many difficulties come up with 4H-SiC MOSFETs, such as low mobility and poor reliability. The characteristics like channel potential, field distribution and the threshold voltage of the proposed models of MOSFETs, 4H-SiC and SOI-4H-SiC were compared with simulator results to validate the models. Short channel effects (SCEs) were also investigated and compared with the existing nanoscale silicon MOSFETs The surface potential model is calculated by using the two-dimensional Poisson equation. The specification of the model are examined by several MOSFET parameters such as body doping concentration, metal gate work function, silicon carbide layer thickness, thickness of metal gate oxide layer, buried oxide thickness, drain to source voltage, and gate to source voltage. The outcomes of modeling and simulation of 4H-SiC MOSFETs model show that the proposed models can reduce short channel effects more than the Silicon MOSFETs. Proposed models highly reduces the drain-induced-barrier-lowering (DIBL) to meet the performance fullfilmant in Nano electronic applications when compared to silicon MOSFETs. Establishing the results, we have noticed that this model can be utilized as a useful tool for the characterization and design of high-efficiency 4H-SiC nanoscale MOSFETs. By matching the two-dimensional device simulation results with analytical modeling, the validity of the recommended models are proven.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:4H-SiC, MOSFET,Short channel effects(SCEs), 2-D modelling, Threshold Voltage Instability, SOI, TCAD
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electrical Engineering
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Deposited On:19 Sep 2017 16:27
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Supervisor(s):Sahu, Prasanna Kumar

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