Estimation and Elimination of Power System Harmonics and Implementation of Kalman Filter Algorithm

Pradhan, Anshuman (2016) Estimation and Elimination of Power System Harmonics and Implementation of Kalman Filter Algorithm. MTech thesis.



With the extensive implementation of power circuit devices, mainly rectifier, inverters, switches in power system and manufacturing industries results in serious problem relating to the quality of power. One of the major issues is a production of harmonics for current and voltage causing alteration in output waveform, voltage-distortion, voltage degrading, equipment local heating, etc. Loads which are non-linear such as UPS, SMPS, and speed drives results in production of harmonics in current waveform.These draws in the component of current having reactive power from the bus bar, and thus, causes an imbalance in bus current waveform. Hence to eliminate the problems of harmonics we need to compensate the component of harmonic causing such trouble. With all the existing methods used, one of the method being minimizing harmonic in power utility via SAPF. Hence this Paper suggests a complete analysis of SAPF performance by applying two current control strategies. First being instantaneous active and reactive power theory (p-q) and second being synchronous frame reference theory (d-q) and analyzing their overall performance to select one of the above methods. Harmonic current controller is described and used which provides correct gating signals for the IGBT based inverter nad thus helps in eliminating harmonic components. Also, this Paper explains the Kalman Filter implementation in real life scenario in frequency calculation taking an suitable example.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Shunt active power filter, harmonics, Kalman filter, p-q theory, d-q theory
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Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
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