Collapsible Behaviour of Pond Ash

Mallick, Jyotirmayee (2016) Collapsible Behaviour of Pond Ash. MTech thesis.



Vitality necessities for the creating nations like India specifically are met from coal based thermal power plants, where 75% of the aggregate force acquired is from coal-based thermal power plants. The coal used for power generation contains 30–40% of ash. The fly ash generation is more because of high ash coal. The fourth position acquired by the India on the world in the generation of coal ash as waste by-product after USSR, USA and China, in a specific order. Pond ash is the by-product of thermal power plants, which is a waste material and its disposal is a most important problem from an environmental point of view and also it needs a lot of disposal area. Acquiring open lands for disposal in creating nations. For example, India is troublesome, where the area to-population proportion is little. The area and population proportion is less so the area necessity and the expense of the area are expanding step by step, it is key to recover or enhance these ash beds so that the area could be used for the development of light and moderate common foundations. The slack ash fill structures may be susceptible to to collapse on wetting. So a research is carried out to observe the factors affecting the collapse of compacted ash fill on flood. If the ash beds intend to be used as footing subgrades to support civil infrastructure so we need to know its collapsibility behaviour. In the current work, importance has been given on the factors that affecting the collapse settlement of the compacted coal ash due to moistening. For this experimental study is taken up to known the collapsible potential of Pond ash. Attempts have been made to correlate the ash characteristics and the specific placement parameters such as dry unit weight, moisture content, and compaction energy and stress level at wetting with collapse. This was based largely on the single oedometer collapse test results. A sequences of tests, like, direct shear test, light compaction and in addition substantial compaction test are performed to evaluate the quality attributes of compacted pond ash and also tests like specific gravity test, grain size distribution test by mechanical sieve analysis and hydrometer test etc. are performed to get more or less physical properties of the pond ash. Total 145 single oedometer collapse tests were conducted to get the collapse potential of pond ash. The results of oedometer test were very much helpful for evaluating the factors affecting the collapse potential of pond ash.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Pond ash;Collapse potential;Compaction test;Single oedometer test;Moisture content;Dry unit weight;Vertical stress;Compaction energy.
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