Development of Efficient Soft Switching Synchronous Buck Converter Topologies for Low Voltage High Current Applications

Kumar, S. Shiva (2016) Development of Efficient Soft Switching Synchronous Buck Converter Topologies for Low Voltage High Current Applications. PhD thesis.



Switched mode power supplies (SMPS) have emerged as the popular candidate in all the power processing applications. The demand is soaring to design high power density converters. For reducing the size, weight, it is imperative to channelize the power at high switching frequency. High switching frequency converters insist upon soft switching techniques to curtail the switching losses. Several soft switching topologies have been evolved in the recent years. Nowadays, the soft switching converters are vastly applied modules and the demand is increasing for high power density and high efficiency modules by minimizing the conduction and switching losses. These modules are generally observed in many applications such as laptops, desktop processors for the enhancement of the battery life time. Apart from these applications, solar and spacecraft applications demand is increasing progressively for stressless and more efficient modules for maximizing the storage capacity which inturn enhances the power density that improves the battery life to supply in the uneven times. Modern trends in the consumer electronic market focus increases in the demand of lower voltage supplies. Conduction losses are significantly reduced by synchronous rectifiers i.e., MOSFET’s are essentially used in many of the low voltage power supplies. Active and passive auxiliary circuits are used in tandem with synchronous rectifier to diminish the crucial loss i.e., switching loss and also it minimizes the voltage and current stresses of the semiconductor devices. The rapid progress in the technology and emerging portable applications poses serious challenges to power supply design engineers for an efficient power converter design at high power density. The primary aim is to design and develop high efficiency, high power density topologies like: buck, synchronous buck and multiphase buck converters with the integration of soft switching techniques to minimize conduction and switching losses sustaining the voltage and current stresses within the tolerable range. In this work, two ZVT-ZCT PWM synchronous buck converters are introduced, one with active auxiliary circuit and the other one with passive auxiliary circuit. The operating principle and comprehensive steady state analysis of the ZVT-ZCT PWM synchronous buck converters are presented. The converters are designed to have high efficiency and low voltage that is suitable for high power density application. The semiconductor devices used in the topologies in addition to the main switch operate with soft switching conditions. The viii Abstract topologies proposed render a large overall efficiency in contrast to the contemporary topologies. In addition the circuit’s size is less, reliable and have high performance-cost ratio. The new generation microprocessor demands the features such as low voltage, high current, high power density and high efficiency etc., in the design of power supplies. The supply voltage for the future generation microprocessors must be low, in order to decrease the power consumption. The voltage levels are dripping to a level even less than 0.7V, and the power consumption increases as there is an increase in the current requirement for the processor. In order to meet the demands of the new generation microprocessor power supply, a soft switching multiphase PWM synchronous buck converter is proposed. The losses in the proposed topology due to increasing components are pared down by the proposed soft switching technique. The proposed converters in this research work are precisely described by the mathematical modelling and their operational modes. The practicality of the proposed converters for different applications is authenticated by their simulation and experimental results.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Soft switching; Zero Voltage Transition;Zero Current Transition;Pulse-width Modulation;Synchronous Buck Converter;Multphase Buck Converter.
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