Comparative Study of Rock joints with and without Gouge Filled Material

Kodamasingh, Soumendra (2017) Comparative Study of Rock joints with and without Gouge Filled Material. MTech thesis.



In rock system the particles are jointed irregularly. These discontinuities in joints may occur with or without gouge filled material. The discontinuity in rock decides the strength of the rock mass. However, the strength test of these joints is costly and not easy to execute at rock sites. This opens the avenue for the development indirect method which computes the rock strength.. we can calculate the strength of the rocks by knowing some factors these are roughness parameter, joint factor inclination parameter. By knowing the joint factor value we can evaluate the strength of rocks. Joint factor totally depends upon roughness parameter joint number. Plaster of Paris specimens were made for experiment. Calculate the strength of rocks and also experiment different specimens with various angle of orientation (β0) which is varying from 00-900. These models were Possessing joints with and without gouge fill. Mica with Plaster of Paris used as the gouge material. Here, an attempt was made to compare the results of strength and deformation characteristics of jointed rock mass with and without gouge fill by using model material plaster of Paris. From the experiments it was found that for single jointed rock mass specimen without gouge fill at β= 300 strength was found to be 0.66 MPa which is minimum and at β= 900 strength was found to be 7.6 MPa which is maximum. An empirical relationship σcr= e-0.008 x Jf is applicable for joints with gouge. And production of equation for the relation between compressive strength ratio with joint factor. it was observed that the equation created from experimental values is similar to predicated equation given by Arora.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Rock Joints; Gouge Filled Materials; Strength of Rock Mass
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