Enhancement of properties of recycled coarse aggregate concrete using non-ureolytic bacteria

Ahmad, Fareed (2017) Enhancement of properties of recycled coarse aggregate concrete using non-ureolytic bacteria. MTech thesis.

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Due to rapid construction, necessity for raw materials of concrete, especially coarse aggregate, tends to increase the danger of early exhaustion of the natural resources. An alternative source of raw materials would perhaps delay the advent of this early exhaustion. Recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) plays a great role as an alternative raw material that can replace the natural coarse aggregate (NCA) for concrete. Previous studies show that the properties of RCA concrete are inferior in quality compared to NCA concrete. This article attempts to study the improvement of properties of RCA concrete with the addition of bacteria named as B.cohnni.
Bacterially induced mineral precipitation is a general phenomenon in nature. Ureolytic bacteria have been used in many studies as an environmentally friendly method for the protection and improvement of strength of cementitious materials.The ammonia produced by ureolytic bacteria is harmful to the health. The experimental investigation was carried out to evaluate the improvement of the compressive strength, of RCA concrete incorporating bacteria. The compressive strength of RCA concrete is found to be increased by about 20% when the cell concentration of B.cohnni is 107 cells/. The improvement of RCA concrete is conrmed to be due to the calcium carbonate precipitation as observed from the microstructure studies carried out on it such as EDX, SEM, and XRD.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Bacteria; Compressive strength; EDX; SEM; XRD; RCA
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Civil Engineering > Structural Engineering
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Supervisor(s):Sarkar, Pradip and Davis P., Robin

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