MPPT of a Stand-Alone PV System With Fuzzy Control for Improvement of Power Quality

Sahu, Abhimanyu (2017) MPPT of a Stand-Alone PV System With Fuzzy Control for Improvement of Power Quality. MTech thesis.

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This report propose a cost effective solar power generation arrangement by creative approach. In the recent years, power generation by solar PV system became more important due to many advantages, such as less maintenance, less noise, pollution free and fuel free. The solar system comprises of two converter (Boost converter and six pulse inverter) between PV module and load. To store the excess solar electricity, rather than sending out it. Energy storage Battery system is connected at output of Boost converter. Which will reduce the amount of grid electricity needed to buy and it will save electricity bills. P&O control technique is used to operate the system at maximum power point or MPPT point and it has been implemented in Boost converter as switching purpose of power device. It is also consisting of six pulse inverter controlled by fuzzy logic control technique.
The power produced from the solar panel enhanced by the Boost converter that is connected next to the solar panel, which is additionally made out of six pulse inverter controlled by the fuzzy logic controller. For the transfer the power from DC to AC, the generated power of solar system is DC, which has been converted into AC the power generated from the solar panel is DC and that has been converted into AC by means of single six pulse inverter .The DC/DC chopper circuit or Boost converter has been received input from a solar panel and the output of boost converter is given to a three phase voltage source inverter, which gave three phase AC output for the load. For the improvement in the output voltage waveform fuzzy logic control technique is implemented at the output of the inverter. Here it has taken the comparison between fuzzy controller and PI controller. But fuzzy controller can achieve the steady state response quickly as compared to PI controller in VSI and the settling time, period of oscillation and transient overshoot is less by using fuzzy controller. Therefore, for power generation from PV system VSI based on fuzzy logic technique has been implemented.

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