Fuzzy Logic Based Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor

Kishore, Sangana Venkata (2016) Fuzzy Logic Based Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor. MTech thesis.

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The major benefit in using induction motors (IM) is that they are robust in performance and cheaper and also possess high efficiency, low inertia and weight, and a high overload capability. IM have wide speed range of operations, so they are being applied to different applications in industries. Direct torque control (DTC) is one in all the foremost wonderful management methods for torque control of the IM. The aim is to regulate effectively the flux and torque. This methodology makes the rotor more accurate and quick management, high dynamic speed response and easy to regulate. During this control theme the electro- magnetic torque and mechanical device (stator) flux magnitude are calculable with solely mechanical device currents and voltages and this estimation doesn't rely upon motor parameters apart from the mechanical device (stator) resistance. The review on the literature has been done to review the latest advancements in DTC theme that in someway is ready to beat the drawbacks of the typical one.
In the past decade Artificial Intelligence technique known as Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) has found various applications. FLC technique is effective for nonlinear, complex and imprecisely defined process. Fuzzy control system uses the decision making capability of human operator, and apply the experience of the human in controlling the system. The FLC performance is mainly influenced by the shape of the Membership function, the defuzzification method and the fuzzy reasoning rules. Fuzzy logic used here consists of two types, one is to control the speed of induction motor effectively and the other is to minimize the ripples present in flux and torque of IM. The performances of conventional DTC and proposed FLC based DTC of induction motor are simulated and compared. The above statements can be verified by using using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Induction Motor; Fuzzy Logic; Direct Torque Control; Membership Function; Voltage Source Inverter; Proportional Control; Centroid of Area; Mamdani Method
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