Experimental study on shear streanthening of RC T-Beams using steel wire mesh

Shinde, Sagar Sangappa (2018) Experimental study on shear streanthening of RC T-Beams using steel wire mesh. MTech thesis.

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One of the significant difficulties and contemporary research in the field of structural engineering is strengthening of existing structural elements utilizing promptly accessible materials in the market. A few investigations were conducted on strengthening of different structural components utilizing traditional and propelled materials and furthermore the rehabilitation of structures can be through strengthening,repairing or retrofitting for seismic deficiencies. RC T- section is the most well-known state of beams and supports in buildings and bridges. Shear failure of RC T-beams is identified as the most disastrous failure mode as it doesn't give any guidance ahead of time before failure. The shear strengthening of RC T-beams utilizing externally bonded (EB) steel wire mesh has turned into a famous structural strengthening technique, because of the notable advantages of steel wire mesh, for example, their high strength-to-weight ratio.
In this present work the suitability of utilizing steel wire mesh to strengthen the RC shear individuals is studied by conducting experimental works.New technique of strengthening system utilizing steel wire mesh with a view to enhance sectional properties and subsequently shear strength of RC beams is adopted in this work.This study assimilates the experimental works of steel wire mesh retrofitted RC T-beams under symmetrical four-point static loading system. The eight number of concrete T-beam are tested. (I) two number of beam was considered as the control beam, (ii) six number of the beams strengthened by steel wire mesh with steel bolt-plate. The results for experimental and theoretical investigation were thought about and found that great correlation exists between them. The beam designated as control beam flopped in shear. The failures of strengthened beams are initiated with the debonding failure of steel wire mesh took after by brittleshear failure. In any case, the shear capacity of these beams has expanded when contrasted with the control beam which can be further enhanced if the debonding failure is prevented. The experimental results indicate that RC T-beams strengthened with steel wire mesh are simple technique for strengthening of existing shear individuals.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Reinforced concrete; Strengthening; Steel wire mesh; Shear strength; Beam
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