Experimental study on Ternary and Quaternary Blended Cement Mortar

Singh, Ram Ashish (2018) Experimental study on Ternary and Quaternary Blended Cement Mortar. MTech thesis.

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The aim of the present work is to investigate the properties of mortars made from binary, ternary and quaternary blends of fl y ash, silica fume, metakaolin and Portland Slag Cement . The 50% of PSC, in the mixture is partially replaced with FA, SF, MK and combination of them . At the fresh state standard consistency, setting times, soundness of mixes is evaluated while at hardened state compressive strength and porosity at the age of 7 - days and 28 - days are evaluated . Tests were carried out on binary, ternary and quaternary cement mortars mixes prepared with different fraction of them . Each of the pozzolana used in the study were thoroughly characterized and effect of the irvariations on different types of binder blends were investigated physically, mechanically and at microstructure level by using modern techniques like XRD, EDS and SEM.In the study 50% of slag cement(PSC) was replaced with combination of Fl y ash with varying combination and percentages of silica fume and metakaolin thus forming a series of ternary and quaternary blends.The present study does not consider cost effectiveness of the mixes prepared by using three pozzolana. The study is limited to observe the effect of various combination of these pozzolana on properties of mortar thus prepared .The metakaolin is found to be improving overall properties of various mix in combination with FA and or SF. This is because of its very fine grain size and its hydration reactions forming very dense and compact structure. This is also validated with SEM images, EDS anal ysis and XRD anal ysis .The Silica Fume used in the present study is found to be not very effective and behaved similar to the Fl y ash used in the present work.The replacement of 50%Cement with combinations of Pozzolana in quaternary blend diluted the cement causing decrease in strength of blended mix with combination of fl y ash and silica fume.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Ternary; Quaternary; SEM; XRD; EDS
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