Development of Functionalised Nano-catalysts for Enhanced Catalytic/photo-catalytic Applications

Varghese, Soniya Mariya (2018) Development of Functionalised Nano-catalysts for Enhanced Catalytic/photo-catalytic Applications. MTech thesis.

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The synthesis of nanomaterials is a complex process in the sense that it is deeply influenced by parameters controlling the reaction. Synthesis novel nanomaterials with distinctive structure and morphology is a perfect combination science and art. Semiconductors and metal nanoparticles have received immense attention for their remarkable photo and electro catalytic activities. Their unique optical and physiochemical properties in the fields of catalysis and environmental remediation hold the potential to a better future. These are expected to play crucial roles in energy generation and environmental remediation. In this study we report facile and cost effect chemical synthesis routes to obtain novel nanocatalyst. Facet controlled TiO2 nanosheets arranged into microsphere were synthesised. Magnetic field induced self-assembly of nickel nanochains proved to be facile route. Nickel nanochain decorated rGO was prepared in a one pot synthesis technique from prepared GO and Ni using an external magnetic field. Ni was self-assembled into nanochain on graphene sheet. This catalyst successfully oxidised ethanol and can be an inexpensive alternate for this process.Various parameters influencing the reaction were examined so that morphology and in turn the properties can be tuned as needed. The as-synthesized particles were characterized mainly by XRD, FSEM, ESEM and TEM.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Nano material synthesis; Catalyst; Ydrothermal synthesis; Co-precipitation; Magnetic field induced synthesis; Self- assembly
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Engineering and Technology > Chemical Engineering > Chemical Process Modeling
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