Design of Brushless Direct Current Ceiling Fan

Painkara, Virendra kumar (2018) Design of Brushless Direct Current Ceiling Fan. MTech thesis.

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There are only a few sources available in our country which are used for power generation. Which pushes us to find ways to minimize power consumption in different sectors. Due to the continuous increase in power demand on daily basis, there is a need to reduce power consumption of consumer load side as much as possible, so it is necessary to keep a track of energy consumed by consumer’s house hold equipment and methods to be applied in order to save energy required to run the equipment.Loads like home lightening, entertainment, household machinery are the different types of load which are categorized as consumer’s load or domestic load. On industrial level as well as domestic level the researchers are trying to find a way to come up with optimal energy conversion. One more thing is that the other segments of energy consumption like heavy industries,transportation, agriculture etc. are commercialized so there is not enough incentive to sustain any major energy conservation in these sectors. Almost in every field whether it is domestic load or large industries fans are used very frequently for cooling purposes. Conventional ceiling fans the motor is of directly driven type motors which are mainly the single phase induction. These induction motor based fans can be replaced by brushless dc motor by which we get higher efficiency compared to the conventional motor, less aluminum is used for brushless dc motor construction so losses are less, same performance can be achieved for less power rating. From practical performance of the brushless dc motors it has been seen that for the same mechanical output the brushless dc motor consumes 40 –50 percent less power as compared to the conventional motor. A low power brushless dc motor will replace the high power induction motor in the future. So there will be a massive reduction in power demand for domestic as well as industrial level. An analysis and proposed method to design such ceiling fan using brushless dc motor is described in this report.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Brushless dc motor; Induction motor; Electronic speed controller; Electronic commutation; Ceiling fan; Power consumption
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