Detailed Study, Modeling and Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage

Dhanuk, Umesh (2018) Detailed Study, Modeling and Control of Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Battery Storage. MTech thesis.

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As we know unconventional resources are most,used to resources in all over the world. These resources include coal, natural oil, fossil fuels, etc. these all unconventional resources are in the verge of exhaust level.Therefore,to fulfill all the load demand,we have to think for the different alternative solution. Renewable resources or we can say that conventional resources are the incredible match for the same, it includes several conventional resources such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal etc. in our setup, surplus energy generated by the panel can be store in BSS or either be sold back to utility grid to prevent from energy loss at the same time our load demand must be fulfill in all condition. In this setup, our first priority is to fulfill the requirement of the load demand, and if surplus energy is there then this whole surplus energy we have to use for BSS or to make money from the electricity board by providing the excess power to utility grid. On the other hand, our second task is, energy give to grid when there is having high price, similarly energy take from the grid when price related to energy is low, but in all condition our first priority is to keep the load demand full.For that we have to choose the BSS such that it can provide energy whenever there is requirement,doesn’t matter for making money or to provide uninterrupted power supply to load. At the same time also,we have to keep minimum cost associated with BSS.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Photo voltaic; Battery storage system; Maximum power point; Boost converter; Bidirectional converter; Inverter; Utility grid; Inverter control; Power control
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