Improved Stand – Alone Solar Battery Charger with MPPT and TSC Algorithms for Quick Charging with Excess Power Extrication

Delvadia, Soham Dineshbhai (2018) Improved Stand – Alone Solar Battery Charger with MPPT and TSC Algorithms for Quick Charging with Excess Power Extrication. MTech thesis.

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As energy demand is increasing with ongoing development and population, the conventional energy resources are becoming curtailing and are eventually harmful to an environment. In recent times many forms of renewable and clean energy sources are being considered for development; out of which solar is easily harvestable and available on most of the part of the globe. Solar energy is accessible for the duration of the day albeit its irradiance shifts through day and with changing climatic conditions. As the efficiency of solar based PV panel is low it is obligatory to extract the maximum power from the PV board at any given timeframe. To boost the utilization of accessible power drawn from the solar panel and to enlarge the uses of solar energy, a few examinations have researched the outline and uses of DC-DC converters. Moreover,a broad examination and plan of battery charging with the use of SEPIC converter was proposed.Development of such a system faces several challenges to be resolved such as: 1) continuous tracking of Maximum power point for dynamic behaviour of overall load; 2) design of battery charger with quick charging algorithm; 3) extraction of residual power toward overall load side. As several objectives needed to be resolved, either the conventional approach for such a stand-alone system requires at least three converters resulting in reduced efficiency and reliability or doesn’t have quick charging. The proposed strategy over here will maintain the maximum power of panel as well as will follow quick charging algorithm utilizing only two converters. An appropriate hardware prototype and respectively a control strategy is verified by performing simulations and experiment.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Quick charging algorithm; DC–DC converter; Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT); Three Stage Charging (TSC); SEPIC converter; Quick battery charging
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Systems > Renewable Energy
Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Power Electronics
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